Patient Reviews

Everyone is nice

JEFFREY F. | Jun 17, 2022
I had a pleasant day with doc

Janet B. | Jun 14, 2022
She was very attentive and really listened to my concerns.

AMBER B. | Jun 03, 2022
They listen and are very compassionate

MARSHA S. | Jun 02, 2022

CELESTE S. | Jun 02, 2022
Great doctor ,

WILKARLY M. | Jun 01, 2022
Dr. Kesavan was patient and kind during our visit.

Nithyashree R. | Jun 01, 2022

SHARRON N. | Jun 01, 2022
Dr. Kesavan takes such good care of every aspect of my health. She is wonderful!!

CAROL C. | May 30, 2022
Dr Kesevan is one of the BEST Dr. In Georgia. I love this Lady so much. She takes great care of me, she really cares. She will always be my Primary Dr

VALINDA R. | May 27, 2022
Dr. And her staff are all so easy to work with. Didn’t wait long. Lab went smoothly. In and out in under an hour. Love this doctor.

CHRISTINE W. | May 27, 2022
Very good 👍

HARRY P. | May 26, 2022
Great session with PA, who got me a quick turn with the Phlebotomist.

TIMOTHY T. | May 25, 2022
I loved her

Margie R. | May 23, 2022
Dr.Kesavan is a wonderful and knowledgeable provider. I absolutely love her!!

DONNA H. | May 23, 2022
Very responsive!

SCOTT D. | May 23, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is absoluely the kindest, most empathetic/sympathetic, genuine doctor that i have been lucky enough to find over 10+ years that i've had several chronic illnesses. She always takes her time with my appoitmntments, and she has helped me in so many more ways than just by being my primary care doctor. :)

RACHAEL D. | May 23, 2022
Very caring and thoughtful staff. Dr Kesavan is very pleasant and she listens.

TIMIKA D. | May 23, 2022
I had a wonderful professional experience with Dr. Kesavan and her office staff, so respectful of the patients. I just want to say thanks for accepting me.

DIANE C. | May 21, 2022
Gets me in for a visit right away after understanding my conditions. Very polite

TAMECIA M. | May 21, 2022
Great caring service!!

YESSIKA V. | May 20, 2022
It has been a long time since I have been so pleased with my experience in a doctor’s office. All of the staff was friendly and professional. The receptionists smiled and looked me in the eye when they spoke to me. Mina was my nurse and she was so pleasant to chat with. I saw Kasin the PA before I saw Dr. Kesavan. She was thorough and so kind. Dr. Kesavan was so very sweet. She seemed to actually have read my chart and/or spoken with Kasin about my health before she came in. So rare. You usually have to repeat everything 3 times. I was so pleasantly surprised by the genuine care she and each person I encountered seemed to have for me. The wait was long, but it was a Friday. And having worked in a doctor’s office for several years I know that Mondays and Fridays are the busiest. It was worth the wait to have been treated so kindly. I am glad I transferred my care. I expect I will be here a long time.

AISHA B. | May 20, 2022
Staff was helpful and friendly <3

LEAH T. | May 20, 2022
Everyone is nice. Listen to the patient

LIZZY G. | May 20, 2022
The doctor is very knowledgeable about my diebetic condition and has me working on a plan to improve my health!

CHERIL J. | May 19, 2022
Clean and friendly. Didn't have to wait very long at all to be seen.

Jason D. | May 19, 2022
Doctor and other staff courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and caring.

CHARLES N. | May 19, 2022
Nice office, well organized never wait that long, and the doctor and pa are really good doctors. Good practice and will be coming here for as long as they are open.

VALLELYN M. | May 19, 2022

ANDREW K. | May 19, 2022
Same day appointment, no wait upon arrival. Follow up next week.

Sheila T. | May 18, 2022
Amazing MD! Dr. Kesavan is such a compassionate person, She takes time to listen to all of your concerns, she is very patient and knowledgeable! I am so grateful to find her!

KINYARNA B. | May 18, 2022
Great! Dr K. One of the best primary care doctors I’ve ever had. Very thorough with that comforting bedside manner.

EUGENE B. | May 18, 2022
Very thankful that one of my specialists suggested Dr Rekha Kesavan to us. We could not be happier with the care she and her staff provide to us. She is a great doctor and a wonderful person.

JANE D. | May 18, 2022
I’m very impressed, and satisfied with my visit yesterday.

SANDRA B. | May 18, 2022
Always a good experience.

DORIS R. | May 17, 2022
Dr Kesevan is through, attentive, and thorough. I truly appreciate that she is willing to try holistic approaches, instead of heavy medication management to address issues. I will recommend her services.

TIFFANY E. | May 17, 2022
I was seen by a physicians’ assistant. She was very courteous and knowledgeable. She saw my problem and handled it extremely well. I was very satisfied with my treatment!

LAURA C. | May 15, 2022
Very friendly staff, And very professional.

ANGELA B. | May 15, 2022
Bery Good as usual

ISABEL G. | May 14, 2022
Very impressive with Dr Rekha and her team. This is my first time visiting this clinic. Excellent service!!!!

ELICE B. | May 14, 2022
Prompt visit in an urgent situation.

RHONDA S. | May 14, 2022
I have never been to a Primary care like this before. The entire staff was hands down very amazing. From the front desk to the doctors and in between. I definitely recommend this place. Im glad I found my new Primary care home.

LUCY G. | May 13, 2022
Team is pleasant and professional. Words are gracious and kind.

DEBORAH B. | May 13, 2022
I saw Dr. Kesavan NP. She was very nice and professional.She examined me and she coved all the bases.I really like this medical team. I would highly recommend Dr. Kesavan. C. Chalmers

CHRISTEEN C. | May 13, 2022
Professional and friendly

CARLYSE A. | May 13, 2022
Dr Kesavan is very Professional and caring, and listen to your problem. I will highly recommended her and her staff. Umadai D

UMADAI D. | May 13, 2022
very respobsible and very nice ! Thanks !

Xin M. | May 12, 2022
Very caring physician and staff

MELODY B. | May 12, 2022
My visit was quick and easy! Dr. Kesavan was so nice, sweet and informative!

FLOR P. | May 12, 2022
Everyone here displays equal parts professionalism & bedside manner. Highly recommend.

BRANDON H. | May 11, 2022
First time meeting the PA instead of Dr. Kesavan. She was just as thorough and explained what she was doing and what things meant. She made sure I had a plan after leaving.

JENNIFER D. | May 10, 2022
It was good

AMINA H. | May 10, 2022
All employees very very nice

JEAN C. | May 09, 2022
Very good doctor!!

JASMIN K. | May 09, 2022
Friendly staff. Doctor is very thorough and detailed. My first visit was great.

Bhanu K. | May 08, 2022
Dr kesavan is very professional and very good doctor I ever seen .

GRECE M. | May 07, 2022

JAMES M. | May 07, 2022
Excellent visit and experience as always.

CHARLES U. | May 06, 2022

JACINTHA S. | May 06, 2022
Good doctors that are helpful.. would recommend

KEITH M. | May 06, 2022
Everyone front office to back office are always very pleasant 🙂 thank you 😊

LETRICIA S. | May 06, 2022
Everyone is pleasant and on time

LINDA K. | May 06, 2022
Very caring, listen to my concerns.

ORVILLE C. | May 05, 2022
Friendly, very professional

SUSANA B. | May 05, 2022
Dr Kesavan is one of most caring, compassionate, professional Physician and her staff I have ever met. There is a warm sense of feeling that comes from her and her staff that make you feel better leaving the office no matter how bad you feel when you get there.

AMY C. | May 04, 2022
Was very satisfied with my experience. Dr. Kesavon is extremely compassionate. A rarity these days in a lot of doctors. I needed to see specialist and the appointment was made for me the same day.

BARBARA M. | May 04, 2022
Excellent follow up

TERRY M. | May 04, 2022
It was good

LEMETRIUS S. | May 03, 2022
I love the staff entirely. They make me feel like they both listen and care.

CHARLES T. | May 03, 2022
All went well and were very attentive to my concerns.

Jon B. | May 02, 2022
very good

HASIBA A. | May 01, 2022
Always happy to see the team here.

WILLIAM G. | May 01, 2022
Dr.Kesavan is an amazing Dr..she takes time with you and doesn't make you feel like just a number..she has the best bedside manners I have ever seen..If you need to talk to her..she will call you back asap..her staff is amazing, friendly..willing to help snd listen.. no wait time..I have never had to wait long at all..when you get called back into the room..you don't have to sit long to where you fall asleep..what I have done with some doctors just waiting for them to come into the room..She takes care of my 89 year young mother too..Just the sweetest lady you will ever meet..I love her like my mother..I highly recommend Dr.Kesavan snd staff..I want go anywhere else..

DONNA F. | Apr 30, 2022
Unlike other doctors who just want to read their computer analysis about patients, Dr. Kesavan always listens to all of my concerns. I never feel like I am being rushed. On this last visit I was seen by her P.A., Marisol. She was just as wonderful!

RITA B. | Apr 29, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is the most caring, most professional and knowledgeable doctor I have ever had. I would recommend that anyone who wants thorough, yet simple and easy to understand communication with their doctor… go to Dr. Kesavan. She is the absolute best!!

LISA P. | Apr 29, 2022
Very thorough they took time to answer all my questions. I felt very good feedback. Thank you.

ELIZABETH C. | Apr 29, 2022
Excellent. Very thorough and understanding of my needs. And questions.

ELIZABETH C. | Apr 29, 2022
The office staff always greets me in such a friendly manner. I was seen within 5 minutes. The new staff member introduced herself and was very patient with my visit. She listened to all my concerns and addressed them.

DONNA W. | Apr 29, 2022
Staff was professional. Date was thorough

LORETTA M. | Apr 29, 2022
Excellent service

KIMBERLY B. | Apr 29, 2022
It was my first time seeing the Nurse Practitioner, she was very compassionate and attentive to my needs. The only downside was that wait time was longer than usual.

MARIAMA D. | Apr 29, 2022
Great staff! Excellent providers!

JOSEPH S. | Apr 28, 2022
All the receptionists are attentive to you as you enter. The wait time is reasonable. Doctor Kesavan very attentive to you.

DELORIS T. | Apr 28, 2022
Everybody working in that office were very helpful and professional.

AMIN K. | Apr 28, 2022
Next to no wait time. The PA was as nice and as thorough as can be. I rarely have gotten this type of care with other physicians.

MARY M. | Apr 28, 2022
Love the care I receive from Dr. Kesavan and her new PA. Switched from another doctor and glad I did.

LISA T. | Apr 28, 2022
My visits to Dr. Kesavan's office is always pleasant despite what my health needs are. The staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Kesavan and her team are excellent. Will always refer her as the best Physician.

ELESDENE T. | Apr 27, 2022
No excessive wait time. Very respectful staff

Valerie M. | Apr 27, 2022
Staff are all caring and attentive.

DONNA J. | Apr 27, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is the most compassionate, smart, a true physician who has a heart and knowledge for her patients. You come as you are. She is sincere and her entire staff are wonderful. Would go to no other.

SANDRA M. | Apr 26, 2022
The best primary doctor in Lawrenceville. Very compassionate, patience, caring and always want to do her best to make sure to get well asap.

OLIVE O. | Apr 26, 2022
DR KESAVAN and her staff members are great! DR KESAVAN’s is exceptional because she navigates your plan of care aggressively. There’s a lab in the Office and wait time is reasonable

Darcel C. | Apr 26, 2022
I have multiple health problems (type one diabetes, crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis thanks to my crohn's, hypothyroidism, and more; and Dr. Kesavan is just simply wonderful. She truly is that one in a million doctor. She cares about her patients and just wants to help every single that she meets. I have recommended her highly to my family and friends, and as long as she's a doctor, she will always be my primary doctor's

RACHAEL D. | Apr 26, 2022
Dr. Kesavan has been my primary doctor for more than 10 years and I have been very happy with her care. She and her team are awesome the best ever. My last visit I was introduced to her PA, Kasin Anton she is just as thorough as Dr. Kesavan. I felt that I was in good hands and all of my concerns were addressed. Dr. Kesavan's whole team is friendly and professional.

Eleanor M. | Apr 26, 2022
Beautiful office, exceptional check in and Medical Assistant Staff. Wonderful new PA, love Her!!!!

Suzanne C. | Apr 25, 2022
Always a very pleasant and quick visit with really nice staff!

KATHRYN O. | Apr 24, 2022

Dorothy H. | Apr 23, 2022

RANDALL Y. | Apr 21, 2022
Had a number of health concerns that Dr.Kesavan intently listened to and was able to walk me through possible solutions.I have always found that Dr Kesavan is incredible knowledgeable and a intuitive diagnostician.

Theresa D. | Apr 20, 2022
Dr. K (is what I call her). Is by far the best. She has helped me to improve my health so much. I was sick as can be when I first started seening her. I had so many issues... She addressed each of them one by one. I would recommend her to everyone.

AMY H. | Apr 20, 2022
I was treated with a lot of respect and they explain to me what I needed to know. Great experience . She is the best doctor I ever had here in the state of Georgia as my primary Doctor R. K.

DELMAR F. | Apr 20, 2022
I will highly recommend Dr. Rekha Kesavan to anyone. Very professional.

ROLAND O. | Apr 20, 2022
I have being seeing Dr Kesavan around a year and a half and I really feel I could not ask for anyone more professional intelligent and kind person than what she is. She is extremely caring gives her 100% to listen to your problem and her diagnosis are just perfect. I would surely recommend her. The staff is also extremely professional, very polite and helpful. The best Doc I have had so far.

SHEETAL C. | Apr 20, 2022
Everyone was pleasant. Facility very clean. Nurse, doctor, lab staff, etc. we’re professional and pleasant.

VALARIE P. | Apr 19, 2022
Dr Kesavan and her team are very thorough, caring and try their best to address my healthcare needs. I feel confident in knowing I will finally get answers to my health issues.

TIMIKA D. | Apr 19, 2022
Always first rate service. Dr. Kesavan and staff are superb!

BRADLEY A. | Apr 19, 2022
New patient appointment, the staff and Doctor was amazing I’m so glad I found this primary care

ANGELICA H. | Apr 19, 2022

LIDICE V. | Apr 19, 2022
Excellent care

JASON M. | Apr 19, 2022
Always very friendly and caring.

REMZA H. | Apr 17, 2022
The staff are great. Nurse Practitioner asked and addressed my concerns. Dr Kesavan was great reviewing assessment and things I need to do.

MATTHEW B. | Apr 16, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is compassionate, listens, takes time to talk to you and does not make you feel rushed. I am very happy and if you are looking for a primary doctor, I highly recommend her! The staff is also welcoming and warm.

MARSHA S. | Apr 16, 2022
On time and friendly staff

BARBARA H. | Apr 15, 2022
Great experience. Staff is so friendly and accommodating.

JACOUELYN M. | Apr 15, 2022
Dr. Kesavan and the whole team are AMAZING. They are so helpful in managing any chronic conditions you may have. They take the time to listen to you and encourage you along the way. The best doctor I've ever had!

LAUREN A. | Apr 15, 2022
Great customer service, very clean office. All the workers were very sweet and made me feel comfortable and seen.

JESSELYN S. | Apr 14, 2022
The PA is simply amazing. She listens, asks questions, responds appropriately, and is very relatable.

RONALD R. | Apr 14, 2022
I’m so glad I found this Primary care. Today was my first appointment with them and they’re caring & nice to their patients.

HEIDY S. | Apr 14, 2022

ARGENIS M. | Apr 14, 2022
On 04/13/22 at 7:00am I was not feeling my best and wanted to find another primary care doctor because I was unhappy with the one I was with, so I google the best primary care doctors in Lawrenceville and Dr. Kesavan office came up. So I decided to give it a chance after reading all the reviews. I must say from the start they were on point! I was able to book a same day appointment for 9am which we all know when you are a new patient, that ca take weeks. They were professional, caring, They listen to your concerns and needs, they don't rush you or try to hurry you away. I must say I absolutely Love this office and they are now my Primary doctors office. Dr Kesavan is calm and that help me be more open to what's going on with me. The nurse practitioner was great. I just love this office. If you are looking for a good provided office this is the ONE Gwinnett!

IISHA J. | Apr 14, 2022
I was able to get an appointment that day as a new patient. Very nice office, the staff could not be anymore helpful and friendly. Dr Kesavan was very thorough with my records and giving advise on other healthcare needs. I felt like she had my best interest and left feeling very secure with my choice of a Dr. I highly recommend this office.

JODALL W. | Apr 13, 2022
Es amable la doctora y atenta en mis preguntas todo muy bien

JUAN M. | Apr 13, 2022
Dr “k” is a good dr - takes a lot of time to explain & answer questions. Very detail . Highly recommend.

MARK W. | Apr 13, 2022
Dr.Kesavan listens to your concerns Has wonderful bedside manners. The office staff is extremely nice.

HEATHER D. | Apr 13, 2022
Dr. kesavan took the time to speak with me on a matter that was of coconcern. She's very professional and takes the time with her patience and shows concern for whatever is going on with them I really do appreciate having a doctor that is so thoughtful and kind to their patients.

ANGELA B. | Apr 12, 2022
Muy agradables y atentos

YILIAN B. | Apr 12, 2022
Always great care!!

DAVID B. | Apr 09, 2022
All around Great experience for going to the Doctor. Everyone is nice from the front office to the nurse that draws your blood. Drs and PA that actually takes time to listen and address the issues.

DONNA R. | Apr 09, 2022
Best Doctor. Her #1 priority is her patient.

SASHA A. | Apr 09, 2022
Great staff! Friendly and clean environment! MD very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable! New NP and PA in the practice are great!!

JUNISE C. | Apr 09, 2022
This office is full with.... care, compaction, professionalism, charisma..... Staff is a great team. The doctor kesavan is one of the kind and excelente . I love everything on this office. Thanks a bunch to the doctor and the staff.

M G. | Apr 08, 2022
Great experience! I like Dr. Kesavan excellent care and communication. Wonderful office!!!

MICHELLE Y. | Apr 08, 2022
I saw the Nurse Practioner who is absolutely wonderful.

Jean B. | Apr 08, 2022
Awesome as always!

SHEILA S. | Apr 08, 2022
Overall good.

ANNAMMA J. | Apr 07, 2022
A pleasant experience. Everyone is so nice.

MARSHA D. | Apr 07, 2022
Great excellent very caring

ANTOINETTE P. | Apr 07, 2022
My doctor is beautiful and kind doctor it's very patient with you very sweet Antoinette parks

ANTOINETTE P. | Apr 07, 2022
Great staff, makes you feel comfortable

GREGORY D. | Apr 06, 2022
Dr Kesavan’s office provides excellent service. The front desk staff was very professional from my first telephone conversation. Her Medical Assistant offered the BEST service I have ever had. The moment I told her I was having heart pounding with palpitations, she did an EKG. The Nurse Practitioner was very thorough and patient asking all the right questions and responded to my questions and concerns. She is very knowledgeable and caring, very friendly, kind which makes me feel comfortable as a patient. Finally, Dr Kesavan is a wonderful Doctor, she greets you so humbly, she is a Professional that made me feel like I was in good hands. I have been struggling with other Doctors but I believe in my heart she will do everything possible to help me feel better. It was such a great feeling. God Bless Your Practice!

AMY C. | Apr 06, 2022
I have had past experience with Dr Kesavan and I must say that she is a problem solver. She will do what it takes. She has an excellent personality and very easy to speak with. She really cares. Her staff is very friendly I must say.

WAYNE S. | Apr 06, 2022
Good people

KEITH M. | Apr 05, 2022
My whole family are patients. The absolute best doctor and team I have encountered in my life! Thank you for all you all do!

BRITTNEY C. | Apr 05, 2022
The staff was very pleasant, nice and friendly. There was a nice flow where no time was being wasted and things ran pretty smooth.

GINA D. | Apr 05, 2022
I’m so thankful to have a caring doctor who not only is loving but concerned for the needs of me and her patients to make sure that I receive the best care possible.

SHEILA B. | Apr 04, 2022
Excellent .very efficient explains and takes time to talk to the patient need such physicians for elderly Love to visit her for all and every medical need

ALAMELU K. | Apr 02, 2022
All of Dr. Kersaban’s staff have been extremely helpful and friendly. They have gone beyond measures not only in making sure all my questions were answered but also to assist me with ongoing problems.

CHERYL L. | Apr 01, 2022
First time seeing Dr. Kesavan, she was very attentive and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable with her. She is very caring and on point and professional.

DORIS R. | Apr 01, 2022
Asha is my doctor. I always feel at ease and free to ask her about anything that I am concerned with about my well-being. She is friendly, and the staff at Gwinnett Comprehensive Primary always meet every individual with a sunny side up greeting and vibes

TARA L. | Apr 01, 2022
Dr Kesavan is the best dr I ever had at my 55 years all never see any dr like these. Dr and her nurse practitioner are a good time . They are wonderful and take there time to licen to you . Love the practice . The front desk people and check out are very friendly. I feel so welcome and in good professional hand, love them so much . Thank you for all the love and attention. Patricia Wendolowski. ( patient)

ANA W. | Apr 01, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is one of the most caring and knowledgeable Dr. I ever known. She is personable and willing to listen to her patients. I am very pleased with the services provided at Comprehensive primary care.

NATASHA S. | Mar 31, 2022
Love this office. Great care

PAIGE H. | Mar 31, 2022
Quick Appoinments Doctor Kesavan is excellent and caring.

IVELISSE R. | Mar 30, 2022
very good plan of care and a wonderful staff and wait time is getting better also Sharon with the Quest group is outstanding with taking blood and all the paper work

Frank S. | Mar 30, 2022
It was a over the phone appointment. It went good.

PHYLLIS D. | Mar 30, 2022
Very Knowledgeable & experienced Doctor. She is number one to diagnose the disease.

ATHAR A. | Mar 30, 2022
She really care about her patients. Very knowledgeable doctor.

ANITA D. | Mar 30, 2022
My first visit. Very nice people.

ANN K. | Mar 30, 2022
Always a good experience. I finally found a doctor who respects appointment times. Short wait times are important to me. Also she hears my concerns and takes time to answer questions. She is very caring.

LYNETTE R. | Mar 30, 2022
Very thorough....great attention!

ANDREW K. | Mar 29, 2022
Everyone was very nice and through.

SHAHRIAR L. | Mar 29, 2022
I started with Dr. Kesavan's practice in early March 2022, and have been very pleased with the service and care. Dr. Kesavan and her team are very friendly and caring, and always ask questions in a polite and concerned way. And I appreciate Dr. Kesavan looking for partnership in treatment, rather than dictating what is to be done. The team also is very easy to work with for appointments, and remembered me immediately even though I'd been there only a couple times. Highly recommend Dr. Kesavan and her practice if you're looking for a new physician.

CHARLES U. | Mar 29, 2022
Very profesional,and attentive of the problems so we can solve them,I am very happy with the staff as well alway very profesional.

ERNESTO S. | Mar 28, 2022
attentive, kind considerate and excellent professional

JANNINFER O. | Mar 27, 2022
Great staff. Super friendly. Great service and compassionate care. Thanks Ya'll!

EDWARD M. | Mar 27, 2022
Professional, Proficient, Personalized Care

Retha C. | Mar 26, 2022
Dr Kesavan and her staff are always professional, kind and helpful. They truly care about your health and do everything they can to ensure you are taken care of with expedience.

Laura B. | Mar 26, 2022
The best primary health care doctor i have seen so far.

OLIVE O. | Mar 26, 2022
Always friendly, professional, knowledgeable. Never rushed with always enough time for questions and options

SUSAN J. | Mar 26, 2022
Dr. Kesavan and her team are the best. I am so glad I have her as my primary doctor. Very luck to have found you .

TREESA K. | Mar 26, 2022
She’s very attentive to each health conditions, gives the best health care possible. I felt fear of my health until I started going to this doctor. I feel now at ease all my health issues will be managed properly. She’s compassionate, listens and very professional.

HEATHER T. | Mar 26, 2022
This medical practice is the best of the best. Every single interaction I had from the front desk, to the intake person and the lab, I was met with kindness and pleasantries. Dr.Kesavan is such a caring, patient, thorough physician. I am so blessed to to know that I am able to have my medical concerns and needs competently met by Dr. Kesavan. She listens and asks questions. In my 70 years of life I have seen a lot of medical professionals; I put her in the category of the very best. Thank you Dr. Kesavan and staff ❤

Margaret J. | Mar 26, 2022
I love Dr. Kesavan!! She’s sweet, wonderful, and caring. She definitely meets my needs and is very attentive. I always refer people to her practice.

NATASHA P. | Mar 26, 2022
Excelente atención

Marlyn M. | Mar 26, 2022

SAJU C. | Mar 25, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is very caring. She listens to what you say, and refers you to the Dr who can help you. I am very satisfied with her care.

LAURA C. | Mar 24, 2022
Great staff willing to help!

DAVID B. | Mar 24, 2022
Very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Kesavan was very patient and polite.

RAJASEKAR D. | Mar 24, 2022

MICHAEL R. | Mar 24, 2022
Best doctor I’ve come across..Very personable and caring

TANGENA M. | Mar 24, 2022
This was my first time coming to this practice and I absolutely loved it!! Dr. Kesavan was extremely nice and understanding, she listens, and shows that she deeply cares about you . Also Marisol is who I saw first, she was so sweet and patient and answered all my questions thoroughly!!

SAMIAH L. | Mar 23, 2022
Excelente servicio, excelente trato, se demoran un poco pero increíble la amabilidad del personal

Paola C. | Mar 22, 2022
First time visit went well. Nurses and staff are friendly and professional. Dr. Kesavan is amazing. Came out of my check-up very impressed and do recommend this place for primary care.

JUAN G. | Mar 22, 2022
Everyone was pleasant and both Marisol & Dr. Kesevan were very helpful.

MARINA S. | Mar 22, 2022
Great Health Care provider.

CHARLES G. | Mar 22, 2022
All went wey

MARTHA M. | Mar 21, 2022
All good

SHILABEN M. | Mar 20, 2022
Always caring, and wants to be sure you have care you need.

JOY R. | Mar 20, 2022
I had an excellent visit

KIMBERLY B. | Mar 19, 2022
Awesome visit😁

DANIEL H. | Mar 19, 2022

DYNIA R. | Mar 18, 2022
She is very flexible, attentive to my needs and they are always fully addressed.

ALPHONSUS E. | Mar 18, 2022
Dr. Kesavan was polite and answered all my concerns. I would definitely recommend her to my friends

Bhagirathi M. | Mar 18, 2022

RANDALL Y. | Mar 17, 2022
Very nice, felt listened to and a partnership in my health. Great experience!

MARSHA S. | Mar 16, 2022
Always the best care. Professional, personal and accurate care that establish the plumb-line for measuring what medical services should be like. Excellent editions to staff to ramp up care for increasing numbers of patients. 10 out of 10.

Paul P. | Mar 16, 2022
Professional and courteous service! A pleasant experience. Dr. K. and the staff were terrific. I'm glad I found my Doctor!

RAYMOND H. | Mar 15, 2022
Very polite staff & Dr. Kesavan is awesome. I always feel comfortable at my visits.

Toi-monique C. | Mar 15, 2022
Very caring Doctor, answer’s all your questions. Staff are very attentive.

DARIA C. | Mar 15, 2022
very good

RAMA K. | Mar 14, 2022
Excellent service by the Nurse Practitioner and the Doctor! I’m going to love it here.

TEASA R. | Mar 14, 2022
Always caring and available, very nice staff

SHELLY A. | Mar 14, 2022
Service was excellent.

MAUREEN B. | Mar 13, 2022
Great experience Dr. Kesavan was patient and listened to my concerns.

Kim P. | Mar 13, 2022

RASTUS F. | Mar 12, 2022
Everyone there is fabulous. Very caring. Dr. Kesavan was exceptional. It's good to find a doctor like that.

SHARON T. | Mar 11, 2022
Excellent experience

RAY B. | Mar 11, 2022
Always caring and compassionate. Dr. Kesavan is the standard all medical professionals should aspire to match.

JOHN R. | Mar 10, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is a very nice polite doctor. I personally love her attitude towards patient.

MARIAM M. | Mar 10, 2022
My family moved to Lawrenceville this past summer and we feel Blessed to have found Dr. Kesavan. She has a way about her that puts you at ease. I have worked in the medical field for many years and have family members with chronic health conditions so I have had a lot of interaction with doctors and medical facilities. Dr Kesavan is very attentive with a broad wealth of knowledge. I feel that we are in great hands under her care. Her office staff is friendly and efficient. Their kindness, compassion and attention has meant the world to us during our adjustment with a big move as we deal with some chronic health issues.

CARMEN B. | Mar 10, 2022
The earlier statements regarding Dr. Kesavan and her diligence were completely accurate. She listened closely and was really interested in what I had to say. She actually drew me into the decision-making process, which I appreciate. Dr. Kesavan was nice and kind in addition to being thorough. She went through her thinking process with me until I completely grasped it. I came to her after having one great primary care physician for the last 30 years who had just retired, and I was anxious about seeing a new doctor. Dr. Kesavan calmed my anxiety, because not only did she care for me but she also cares about me. Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to express my appreciation.

SHARON G. | Mar 10, 2022
I had a great eperience.

VETHANAYAGAM K. | Mar 10, 2022
Good service

JOSE M. | Mar 09, 2022
Your Family Nurse Practitioner Afsha Somani is the best I have ever seen. She took the time with me to actually listen to what I had to say, and had positive suggestions for me moving forward. She is deeply and genuinely concerned about her patients help. The rest of the staff from the front to the back all were great as well. So very kind and courteous regardless of what is going on in their lives. You would never know if any of them were having a bad day. This is refreshing compared to other offices I have visited. J. Larkin Bramblett

Jon B. | Mar 09, 2022
Very friendly, efficient and quick; Dr Kasavan was very polite and explained my diagnosis clearly and made the necessary referrals to follow up on my issues.

JAMES M. | Mar 09, 2022
Dr. Kesavan and the staff are very professional. Dr. Kesavan is very compassionate and she takes time to listen to the patient concerns. She will take time with you. I am very happy with her care.

MARILENE X. | Mar 08, 2022
My experience was great.

YOLANDA L. | Mar 08, 2022
We always feel like we are respected and cared about as individuals when we visit Dr. Kesavan's practice. She has the best interest of her patients at heart at all times and it is reflected in her staff also.

Brenda D. | Mar 08, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is very professional and patient. She cares about her patients and this is the first time that a doctor asked if I feel comfortable and satisfy with the office environment and to letting her know if not.

HANNA R. | Mar 08, 2022
Amazing 🤩. Wait time was short ! Doctors attended to me momentarily. Very safe and clean environment. Staff are wonderful

CHIJIOKE I. | Mar 07, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is such a caring doctor. She takes her time with you and listens to your concerns.

AMANDA H. | Mar 07, 2022
The doctor was very helpful and very professional and also mentioned the booster shot which I received. I always receive excellent service at the doctors office!

CHERIL J. | Mar 06, 2022
Greeted upon arriving. The PA was interested in my concerns.

DELORIS T. | Mar 06, 2022
Dr Kesavan has always spent unhurried time with me at every visit. She is so up to date on health issues & their most current successful treatments, so I feel like I am getting top notch care at every visit. She is thorough in her exams & excellent at explaining to her patients her findings as well as necessary treatments for any identified issue.

JILL J. | Mar 05, 2022
Dr Kesevan is caring, knowledgeable, warm and professional. In 71 years of seeing doctors I can honestly say that she is the best of the best. She listens intently and has always responded accurately and clearly. I have never felt rushed. Her staff are efficient and kind as well. I can unreservedly recommend her practice.

CATHERINE T. | Mar 05, 2022
Extremely professional in every aspect

TIMOTHY T. | Mar 05, 2022
Kesavan is amazing she is very caring for her patients very attentive she makes sure you leave out of there wanting to come back again. Honestly the best highly recommend!!

DEISY S. | Mar 04, 2022
Dr. Kesavan and her staff are always very nice. The wait is not long and they take good care of the patient. Dr. Kesavan is one of a kind, she does not rush the visit and she takes time to listen and communicate with her patients. I give her 5 stars

Gwendolyn M. | Mar 03, 2022
Thank you for a great experience really enjoyed meeting everyone in the doctor's office all staff members were so kind and helpful and all had Smiles on their faces great to see can't wait to come back in June thank you all for a great day I know dr. K has sent me to the right place to have a new PCP looking forward to new experiences thank you

KAREN P. | Mar 03, 2022
I have never been under the care of such an empathetic, insightful professional and patient internal medicine physician. Dr. Kesavan is an absolute joy! I was referred to her by my cardiologist and I could not be happier. I have what some call “white coat syndrome” where my anxiety/nervousness spikes when going to the doctor and my blood pressure goes through the roof. Dr. Kesavan and her team are so calming and caring. My blood pressure usually abates in no time. She does not rush. She asks “How are you?” And you feel she truly means it and genuinely wants to know how you are - like a friend. Such a wonderful woman leading a fantastic team!

Avril B. | Mar 03, 2022
Dr Kesavan’s always positive and caring. My husband and I have been her patient for several years. Very easy to get an appointment when I need one.I am very excited about the new PA she was very pleasant and appears to be very knowledgeable.

MURRILL P. | Mar 03, 2022
That’s a great doctor so personable I even like the new assistance that she has in her office they also are very professional

DORA H. | Mar 03, 2022
I no longer have to search for a primary care provider, comprehensive primary care is amazing. The staff is very friendly and the doctors are great. They take time getting to know their patients and they always do very thorough exams. I highly recommend Comprehensive Primary Care if you’re looking for a new primary care provider.

KRISTEN K. | Mar 02, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is extremely caring, thorough and listens to her patients.

MACKENZIE A. | Mar 02, 2022
Dr Kesavan is excellent. She takes time to listen. The office staff are very helpful and friendly.

MELODY B. | Mar 02, 2022
Very professional

JOSEPH K. | Mar 02, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is an excellent doctor. She is very interested in your health and really never misses a problem. Been going there for a long time and am very satisfied.

BARBARA H. | Mar 02, 2022
Dr KESAVAN and her office staff are amazing!!! Thank you for being so caring and compassionate.

SHELIA G. | Mar 02, 2022
Dr Kesavan is very thorough as well as receptive. She is very pleasant as well. I like the fact that I can get an appointment with her without waiting months. Her office personal are very helpful and pleasant.

JAMES M. | Mar 01, 2022
Excellent service I received from this office. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. Dr. Kesavan is the BEST.

Shamima B. | Mar 01, 2022
Friendly associates.

AMELDA D. | Mar 01, 2022
Wonderful excellent thorough Caring Thank you

KATHRYN A. | Feb 28, 2022
Always a pleasure!

WILLIAM E. | Feb 28, 2022
From the front desk to seeing the doctor there is warm welcome that if you came there with say headache by the time you finish with the doctor the headache is gone.Doctor Kesavan listens very well and gives quality time and renders care in such a personal way that promotes healing.Infact she has holistic approach in her practice.Truly I thank God to have met this very compassionate doctor. Thank you doctor and your staff for the great care

BASIL N. | Feb 27, 2022
I met the PA today. She was very nice. Wish I could remember her name. Missed seeing Dr Kesavan. She basically has saved my life 💜. Was on a downhill slide and now she has me back to feeling much better.

Nadine M. | Feb 27, 2022
Office staff are friendly. Appointments run on time. Medical staff are thorough and very compassionate.

JULIANNA W. | Feb 26, 2022
What a great doctor. She takes time to know and treat me as an individual.

JEFFERY L. | Feb 26, 2022
Dr. Rehka Kesavan is UNMATCHED. You will be hard pressed to find another physician to out do her. The GENUINE compassion she exhibits for her patients is refreshing. It is obvious that her primary concern is the welfare and care of her patients. I thank GOD for her.

ARAMINTHA W. | Feb 25, 2022
Dr Kesavan is a very calming and concerned physician who takes the time to listen to your concerns. I have great respect for her.

VIRGINIA B. | Feb 25, 2022
Great experience a Dr. That actually listens. Very caring.

TRISHA B. | Feb 25, 2022
She is amazing Dr.

LIDICE V. | Feb 25, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is always kind.

KRISTIE B. | Feb 25, 2022
She is Very Knowledgeable Doctor. In Medical Profession there are thousands of Doctors, but the best Doctor is who diagnose the patient's disease and give the right prescription to cure, that's Dr Rekha Kesavan.

AISHA A. | Feb 25, 2022
Dr Kesavan is wonderful!! The absolute best!!

GAIL C. | Feb 23, 2022
As always, Dr. Kesavan was professional and through. I have always been impressed with her. - Celeste Schmechel

CELESTE S. | Feb 23, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is amazing! I’ve never had a doctor care and be so compassionate like her. And her team is top tier!!

JULIA B. | Feb 23, 2022
Dr Kesavan is always respectful and always happy and sweet. She listens to me and helps me when I need help. And her staff are very nice. I have no problems getting appointment right a way. The office runs smoothly, and I like that they take my blood work in the office. Excellent doctor.

VALLELYN M. | Feb 23, 2022
The entire staff is always kind and sociable. Dr. Kesavan is the most patient and compassion health professional I've ever been lucky enough to work with.

COLIN P. | Feb 22, 2022
Great experience. Understanding and very helpful.

SAFET S. | Feb 22, 2022
Dr Kesavan and staff were very professional. I was very happy with my first visit.

RICHARD M. | Feb 22, 2022
Dr. Kesavan and her staff are very knowledgeable & kind. They listen and provide prompt blood work results on the patient portal. They also provide excellent referrals for specialists.

CATHERINE H. | Feb 21, 2022
Very understanding

VICKI H. | Feb 19, 2022
The new physician(assistant?)is both very knowledgeable and caring

JAMES M. | Feb 19, 2022
My experience was great

NAMON J. | Feb 18, 2022
This was my first time. The staff are very nice. The soctoe is friendly and relatable. I am glad I switched my care to her.

Oli E. | Feb 18, 2022
Dr. Kesavan has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! Her care, concern, patience, support, commitment, and kindness is truly UNMATCHED! I absolutely appreciate all she has done for me and my family since becoming a patient of hers. She is the best! Make the switch to Dr. Kesavan now! Trust me... you won't ever regret it! Thank you Dr. Kesavan!

Tara W. | Feb 18, 2022
Had my first appointment yesterday. The staff is nice, professional and understanding. I felt very comfortable.The office is very clean and beautiful.

Valerie H. | Feb 18, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is caring and willing to help with any concerns you may have. The office staff are nice. I’ve had a great experience as a patient here.

NICOLE M. | Feb 17, 2022
Very caring and thorough. We love her

JOY R. | Feb 17, 2022
Excellent doctor, would recommend her to anyone. Very attentive, caring and patient.

YESSIKA V. | Feb 17, 2022
Very pleased with Dr kesavan. She took time to answer any questions and concerns. Great staff.

KATHLEEN M. | Feb 17, 2022
Everyone at this practice, from the front desk to Dr Kesavan, is professional with a friendly attitude. What a difference from some medical personnel I have met recently!

TIMOTHY T. | Feb 17, 2022

CLIFFORD G. | Feb 16, 2022
I have seen both Dr Kesavan and the PA and both are caring and thorough. All aspects of your health ars looked at and you never feel rushed. Higher recommend!

MARY E. | Feb 16, 2022
I had a very pleasant tele-visit with Doctor K all my questions where answered. Medication was that to pharmacy quickly and on time.

KIMBERLY B. | Feb 16, 2022
My visit was a routine follow-up. I arrived a couple minutes late for my appointment, was greeted in a professional manner. I was taken back to my appointment within 10 minutes of my arrival. Each staff member was very professional throughout my visit, even during blood work and rescheduling for my next visit. Great experience.

ALBERTA M. | Feb 16, 2022
Dr . Kesavan You are the best caring and always looking out for me and my well-being The other doctor you have working with you (forgot her name sorry ) she is awesome too! She asks questionsand she cares. Great team !

IVELISSE R. | Feb 16, 2022
Dr. Mesa van is truly an angel. She comes in discusses things with you, listens attentively, shares concerns, but is all about empowering you to be your best advocate and help her in taking care of you. She knows medicine very well, but you know you even better and she is the type of knowledgeable, kind, considerate doctor who provides patient-centric care! No one better in my opinion!

Lindsey P. | Feb 16, 2022
My visit is always pleasant and awesome with every visit. Dr. Kesavan is the greatest doctor I have ever had in my life. I will recommend her to all my friends

ROSA T. | Feb 16, 2022
Awesome Service

KIMBERLEY B. | Feb 15, 2022
I was greeted with a pleasant smile from the receptionist. The nurse was also pleasant and was able to help me transfer some vital information from my phone to your email to place in my chart. Dr. K was very kind and helpful. Love well organized she was. The office was very clean. The Lab Tech was also very pleasant and calming which made it so much easier to have my lab work completed. Thank you for a warm welcome and pleasant experience.

MARY T. | Feb 15, 2022
Very informative and helpful

JEFFREY P. | Feb 15, 2022
Good people caring doctor…

KEITH M. | Feb 14, 2022
I want to say thank you Dr Kesavan, for encouraging me to speak up. For finding out what was my underlying problem and directing the care I needed. Also, her office staff is pleasant and attentive to detail.

ISABEL G. | Feb 12, 2022
I was so pleased with my experience. Nice facility. Exceptional staff. Smooth processes. Thorough physical. I'm very happy with my new primary doc.

Janeen C. | Feb 12, 2022

YEIMMY H. | Feb 12, 2022
Very pleasant office staff and Dr. K was very attentive and listened to all of our concerns. Very satisfied with our choice of Dr. K.

DEBRA H. | Feb 12, 2022
Pleased with the service I received

CAROL W. | Feb 12, 2022
This was my first time with this faculty the staff and the doctor were amazing so very professional.

DEBRA L. | Feb 11, 2022
Was able to get a same day appointment and great care at the appointment and super follow up care!

VICTORIA J. | Feb 11, 2022
The staff and Dr. Kesavan and nice and very thorough.

NANCY M. | Feb 11, 2022
Dr. Kesavan is very polite, informative and caring which is a breath of fresh air compared to other offices that make you feel like you are a bother when you have question. Kindness first..

KAREN W. | Feb 11, 2022
I have known Dr. Kesavan for almost 20 years . We would not know what to do without her. Her listening abilities , her diagnosing skills are bang on each time . She is just so loving, caring , and to the mark each time .

AMAL S. | Feb 11, 2022
Dr Kesavan goes above and beyond to make sure that you health is in good standing. She takes extra care and effort to make the visit extremely comfortable.

BETCY T. | Feb 11, 2022
Very satisfied with the visit the attention and communication very is good. 100% satisfied recommended

CARLOS B. | Feb 11, 2022
Today My visit was with Afsha Somani,NP with Dr. Kesavan. I was treated as if I were the only patient. We discussed my symptoms and together agreed on a plan back to better health. The entire staff are very friendly and I’m glad I have returned to Dr. Kesavan’s practice!

VICKI C. | Feb 11, 2022
Every since day one she has be all about me. I finally found a doctor who respects my input and don’t mind actually listening to my concerns! I truly appreciate her!! An amazing Doctor!!

LAKEISHA H. | Feb 10, 2022
This was our first visit . Dr. Kesavan is very personable and took her time with any and all concerns we had about Mom( 89 yrs old ) That day the other Dr that was to be there in the office had called out so Dr. Kesavan was taking on both her patients and the other doctors patients. She still did not rush us through our visit and apologized for the delay and wait time which really was not any more than I have seen in other offices. The office staff was also very friendly and helpful with anything I needed to know. I highly recommend Dr Kesavan if you want someone that is truly concerned with the "person" first.

MARY JANE M. | Feb 10, 2022
Great team of caring and loving staff. Dr. K, awesome doctor. She’s very calm and knowledgeable about patients care. I appreciate her ways of handling situations. Thank you Dr for caring about your patients need to get well and stay healthy.

Joy E. | Feb 10, 2022
I am new to this office but was very pleased with my treatment.

CHERYL L. | Dec 09, 2021
To have a good relationship with your Dr you must trust that they have your best interest at heart and I truly trust my Dr

TARA D. | Dec 08, 2021
Always have been amazing . She is a real doctor who take care of her patients. Liking for the best of her patients .

ANGEL A. | Dec 07, 2021
Very caring practice.

BETH K. | Dec 07, 2021
She is a Doctor that cares!

JACQUELINE M. | Dec 07, 2021
i like the service

ERIC T. | Dec 07, 2021
Dr Kesavan has always been amazing and genuinely cares about her patients.

NATALIE C. | Dec 07, 2021
She is very Thorough , friendly, professional, listens Ann’s attentive. Everyone in the office are on top the job expectations. I would highly recommend this comprehensive primary doctors . The doctors has me on the road to better health and properly management of my health.

HEATHER T. | Dec 06, 2021
Friendly and helpful, always able to answer my questions and refill my medications when it’s time.

WILLIAM G. | Dec 06, 2021

HASIBA A. | Dec 05, 2021
Great practice!

WILLIAM E. | Dec 05, 2021
The doctor took her time to give me the care I needed and prescribed the right medication so am getting better.

OLIVE O. | Dec 05, 2021
Dr. Kesavan is truly a one in a million doctor. A lot of the time, i, and a lot of other people, find a doctor that's either very smart but not very nice. Or i meet a doctor who's incredibly nice but doesn't understand all of my chronic illnesses. I truly believe that the stars aligned and led me to Dr. Kesavan. I've had several primary doctors over the last almost 20 years, and no one else compares to Dr. Kesavan. She is incredibly smart. She's calming. She listens to everything on your mind and heart. I have seen so many doctors over the years for my crohn's disease, brittle type one diabetes, and multiple other chronic illnesses combined; and i can count on less than 5 fingers the doctors that go above and beyond to figure my health problems out. She is one of the most kind and smart women and doctors that i've ever known. Finding Dr. Kesavan was like finding a rare gem in the ground. I couldn't appreciate her kindness and knowledge of my health problems more. If you need a primary doctor, a referral to a specialist that's just as wonderful as she is, make an appointment with her. You won't be sorry. And i truly hope she sees this. She deserves so much for everything she has done for me and all of her other patients. Thank you Dr. Kesavan.

RACHAEL D. | Dec 04, 2021
Absolutely love Dr Kesavan! She cares about her patients and takes the time to listen.

SHERRI M. | Dec 04, 2021
Dr Kesavan is very attentative and great with service

RAFIGA A. | Dec 03, 2021
Dr.Kesavan is caring and attentive. She takes the time to hear your concerns and doesn’t push you into things you’re not comfortable with doing.

FRANCHESCA Y. | Dec 03, 2021
Got me in and out in a timely manner.

Jon B. | Dec 03, 2021
Dr. Kesevsan is such a wonderful doctor I highly recommend her to everyone She is a godsend

Cheryl S. | Dec 03, 2021

Stevenson G. | Dec 03, 2021

HASIBA A. | Dec 03, 2021
This is a wonderful place to receive care. The staff is friendly. Dr. Kesavan takes her time and is a caring person. She is very thorough. Highly recommend.

AMANDA H. | Dec 02, 2021
Dr. Kesavan is a very thorough doctor. She leaves no stone unturned and wants the best for her patients. I am grateful she was recommended to me. I recommend her to all My friends.

BARBARA H. | Dec 02, 2021
Always a great experience

DEEIRDRA S. | Dec 02, 2021
Fruitful and productive!

HASIBA A. | Dec 02, 2021
I don’t care to much for doctors since having bad experiences but everyone is really sweet and listened to me I felt like every was thought out and I received the best care

DEVONNA R. | Dec 02, 2021
Awesome Doctor really cares about your health

KIMBERLEY B. | Dec 02, 2021
Great staff and physician

CAROL B. | Dec 01, 2021
Dr. Kesevan gives her full attention and is attentive to all your needs. I Highly recommend this doctor.

MADONNA E. | Dec 01, 2021
Wonderful practitioner who truly listens to your concerns!

TARA B. | Dec 01, 2021
Dr. Kesavan is truly a delight. She listens very tentatively to my medical issues, and addresses all my concerns very patiently. I feel very lucky to be her patient.

Syeda S. | Dec 01, 2021
Everything very good and very nice care for me

FIKRETA A. | Dec 01, 2021
Pleasant experience. Staff helpful and welcoming. Dr was just what we were hoping but rarely find. Dr was patient and listened to my history. Thanks for a nice visit

SANDRA P. | Dec 01, 2021
Dr.Kesavan is gentle and understanding the staff is coutious

Sydnia C. | Nov 30, 2021
I feel blessed to have found such an awesome trustworthy physician as Dr. Kevasan. Not only is she very professional & knowledgeable, she's thorough, one who listens, is very compassionate, and understanding. She spends quality time with patients and stays on top of all their healthcare needs. Her entire staff is extremely courteous, kind, efficient, and helpful at all times. They also have an in-house professional tech who does patients' bloodwork, which is very convenient. I would highly recommend Dr. Kevasan and her group to anyone looking for healthcare professionals they can truly rely on & trust with their health needs.

PATRICIA B. | Nov 30, 2021
Always professional and a very pleasant experience.

CHERIL J. | Nov 30, 2021

Tierce E. | Nov 30, 2021
Dr. Rekha Kesavan, is one of the most highly recommended doctors in Gwinnett County. DR. KESAVAN, is a very passionate person who clearly shows how much she enjoys helping her patients. The one thing that I most love about her is that she listens and pays full attention to what your concerns are. Dr. Kesavan, took great care of my mother and she is also our family doctor for my entire family. We have been with Dr. Kesavan, for over seven years now and words cannot express how grateful we are to have such a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable person to call as our doctor. Her staff is amazing also! I can call anytime and I guarantee our questions will be answered within the same day if possible. The whole staff displays a welcoming environment and they strive to get you in and out. I can truly say that we love our doctor, Dr. Rekha Kesavan.

MARY W. | Nov 30, 2021
Excellent ability to get appts and very efficient staffing. Excellent care.

MELISSA L. | Nov 30, 2021

Emma P. | Nov 30, 2021
I have been a patient of Dr. Rekha Kesavan for a couple of years as of now. Ironically, when I was searching for a family doctor a few years ago, I inadvertently selected Dr. Kesavan by accident. I accidentally called the wrong number on my list, as I was setting up my first appointment. But this accident has proven to be ideal for me and my family, and not a mistake after all. My wife too has now become a patient of Dr. Rekha Kesavan. Dr. Kesavan is a genuine doctor who looks at her patients as people and not as numbers. She stops everything and really talks to you, asking questions, and explaining everything. She makes sure that you as a patient are comfortable with the medical decisions you are making, with no pressure added. My wife and I are extremely glad that we have found this office, this doctor. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good doctor, but more importantly, a good doctor who cares.

Willie P. | Nov 30, 2021
Always feel welcome and treated like a friend as well as a patient. They're great there!

CAROL L. | Nov 30, 2021
As always, the front desk staff was extremely courteous and professional! Dr. Kesavan is the absolute best! She takes care of our whole family! We've recommended her practice to all of our family and friends.

Dezreen C. | Nov 25, 2021
Dr Kesavan is kind & caring. She is very knowledgeable & thorough

JILL J. | Nov 24, 2021
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